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Nanjing Yadong experimental animal research center in order to speed up the pace of development of the experimental animal center, to achieve specialization, scale of operation, through the restructuring and the establishment of animal production, the specialized agencies, is the science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province laboratory animal management committee to review the batch quasi experimental animals production and supply base. Production license scxk (Su) 2013-0018, 10 years, the center strictly in accordance with the policies and regulations of the state on the administration of experimental animals and adhere to a high starting point, high investment construction, high standards of management.
The Beagle dogs more than 1000 dogs, young dogs, are in line with the new national experimental animal quality standard. The center for the first-class experimental animal supply and experimental base to lay a good foundation to make a certain contribution for the motherland medical research career.
A breakthrough in environmental construction. Environmental remediation, construction of buildings, infrastructure construction is to increase the animal experiment center of the first ring. The animal experiment center is developed on the basis of Jiangsu Provincial Department of justice under the Longtan prison 15 brigade idle gaol and courtyard. Here is apart from the Nanjing city 23 kilometers, close to the treasure mountain National Forest Park, is a natural green barrier to the north and South away from the 312 National Road 500 meters, the East and west respectively from the village of 1200 meters. Here a beautiful environment, convenient transportation, the development of experimental animals have a unique advantage. From the point of view of the external environment condition, here is far away from the residents living area separate buildings, green area of more; there is no source of pollution around, no water, weed and insect, fly breeding sites; no nearby feeding than experimental animals. From the point of view of internal environmental remediation, put into the center of 380 million yuan, the original dozens of tall and spacious idle confines all renovation transformation again, corridor part sealed glass doors and windows and reasonable zoning and isolation, make its feed, fertility and auxiliary zone proportion appropriate. Hospital laid a smooth flat cement board road, there are more than 6000 square meters of green lawn. Then, according to the center of development and investment of 500 thousand yuan, 80 new high standard animal houses. The existing "Beagle" raising the housing area of 6000 square meters. Ancillary housing area of 800 square meters. The current population production room 90, room 6, incubation room 20, room 16 to room 4, quarantine. The feeding room sunny; indoor rearing voles, anti mosquito and fly equipment etc.. Add ventilation, cleaning, disinfection, sterilization, insect pest prevention, rat, facilities and equipment, in line with the "Beagle" experimental animal grade standard, do stream of people, logistics, air distribution is reasonable. Internal environmental control standards in accordance with the national standard of GB14925-2001. Auxiliary room, including staff lounge, offices, toilets, washing and disinfection room, a total of 12 feed warehouse. A new breakthrough in the construction of internal and external environment, the production and experimental animal to create good conditions.
In the quality management to seek a breakthrough. First is the selection of feed, clean water. In accordance with the principles of food nutrition and experimental animal breeding needs, carefully selected feed. Feed nutrition in line with national standards. Drinking water in line with national health standards. Followed by careful feeding, to strengthen management. The dogs are under veterinary monitoring, by qualified and experienced staff management. Now, there are 6 veterinary surgeons and 4 laboratory technicians in the field. They have enough love to care for every experimental animal. Center has a population "as a source of background information; develop the animal breeding operation rules and epidemic prevention, quarantine system and in practice are implemented. The choice of breeding technology, establish purebred Beagle group. The Beagle has good physique and good health. Farms write a computer management program, selection for the breeding of dogs, to get to the lowest probability of inbreeding, such as the discovery of dogs only bad characteristics or anomalies, will also be removed in later in the pedigree. Again is to strengthen the monitoring, improve the immune. Long term quality control is the core part of the feeding management. The center has always been working hard to improve the condition of dogs. Our goal is to provide the best experimental animals for pharmacology, toxicology, and other biomedical research. Therefore, farms developed a comprehensive set of immune prevention measures, full 4 weeks of age in dogs began to prevent dog infection canine distemper, infectious hepatitis, leptospirosis body, parvovirus and canine parainfluenza virus disease and rabies etc. infectious diseases. By the beginning of the 8 week old dogs take drugs flooding intestinal parasites. In addition to the daily clinical observation and every 3 months, the audience all kennel for a comprehensive stool examination, to ensure that the dogs were not affected by intestinal parasites infection. In addition, the farm a set of strict regular treatment measures are also developed to ensure the dogs from the invasion of external parasites. Also carry out regular bacteriological examination, ensure the dogs will not be infected with Shigella and brucellosis. Each dog has a separate file card, recording its growth and development, health examination (including bacteria, microbes, in ectoparasite inspection Kui), and immunization of details, these records will be in the export of dogs provides to the user.
Core management team
The Center adhere to quality first, honesty, the principle of first-class service, in the production of animal experiments, the made certain achievements. But there is a lot of gap between the requirements and the superior leadership. We are determined, in the superior leadership and colleagues of the strong support.


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