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Cooperative project


In October 2013, Professor Li Qun, an experimental animal and special animal research expert of Nanjing Agricultural University, established a close cooperative relationship with the research team. Powerful powerful combination, resource sharing, complementary advantages, to the former scale, market and capital advantage and the latter technology, talent, scientific research advantage combination of up, will further expand the scale, increase lines, improve the quality, expand the market, striving for national first-class laboratory animal supply base to lay a good foundation.


August 2015, with Jiangsu Province xenotransplantation key laboratory established strategic cooperative relations, complementary advantages, the scope of cooperation: 1, animal model, the animal model of the disease development and industrialization; 2, animal experimental international standard technical service platform construction and service outsourcing; 3, medicinal products (class of human organs, biological products, such as the R & D and production and management. Our cooperation projects, to further realize the technical research and development and market operation of the direct alliance, to promote the development of science and technology industry.


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