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Expert introduction


Dr. Li Qun is currently a professor of animal science and technology, Nanjing Agricultural University, doctoral tutor. He is an expert in animal health propagation and standardized breeding and animal welfare of farmed, for 10 consecutive years respectively in the Institute of zoology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute and the Ministry of agriculture animal association engaged in large-scale experimental animals animal welfare, embryonic developmental regulation, transgenic animals and disease model of. In recent years, he will be the master batch intensive breeding technology of integrated system of large animals to used in the industrialization of the animal experiment, to change the traditional animal breeding cycle, yield and quality is controllable to provide high-quality batch of large-scale experimental animals and disease model animals. In 2012, as the representative of the Nanjing Agricultural University, the research and development of AALAS (American Experimental Animal Science Association) International Cooperation funding is fully responsible for the research and development of animal welfare in China. Research results obtained by the National Family Planning Commission of science and technology progress award, and many times in the International Conference on display and award. (right below)

Dr. RyszardTadeusz received a master's degree in animal welfare at the University of Essex and a doctorate in animal management from the University of Debrecen in Hungary. University of Debrecen, 500 years of history, is the oldest and largest public university in Hungary, known as the World Health Organization Research Center, the European outstanding academic contributions to the research center, etc.. He himself is a member of the expert group of the European Experimental Animal Welfare Association, member of the international AAALAC expert group. Now he has made foreign expert certificate, in the research center, mainly engaged in laboratory animal welfare and animal health management system, the company of the international market in the future development and international certification application to lay a good foundation. (above left)


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