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The technical advantages of Ya Dong experimental animals

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The technical advantages of Ya Dong experimental animals
(a) key technology innovation point
Large integrated farming animal experiment international standardization production and technology at present, almost blank, mainly due to the lack of domestic large-scale experimental animals rough farming methods and personnel training, far from being able to meet the requirements of the technical innovation. And the large experimental animal disease model, as the future development direction of the enterprise, is the world's leading subject. Pig as one of the important applications of experimental animals is to establish human disease model. Suitable animal model for disease pathogenesis, evaluation of drug treatment, the efficacy and safety of treatment strategies has important significance.
In the past 1 centuries, almost all medical advances have actually been made using animal models. Obtained by genetic manipulation with a genetic disease animal model can simulate diseases on the molecular mechanism of the occurrence, development mechanism, due to the symptoms of the disease has genetic stability and easy to enlarge the population, than the traditional spontaneous or induced disease model animals has more advantages. Genetically modified animal model for the study of human disease related gene function and disease phenotype and genotype and disease diagnosis and treatment has an important role. The market immeasurable, domestic exports to the United States and Europe primate animals for 2 million yuan / only, and European and American companies to make model of heart disease after the price for 120000 to 150000 yuan / only. And because there is no domestic large-scale experimental animal models of the disease, the experiment of many innovative drugs must entrust foreign pharmaceutical companies to experiment. The implementation of our project, bring new vitality and technical support will give enterprises of pharmaceutical service outsourcing Chinese.
Standardized breeding technology integrated innovation lies in the following technical integration and system to use in the standardization and industrialization of animal experiments. These technologies include:
1, artificial insemination technology platform: the applied to large animal experimental miniature pig production practice of artificial insemination technology, improve utilization of breeding boars rate, accelerate the speed of the Swine Improvement and avoid some infectious diseases and, reduce boar breeding, reduce feeding develop the sow and the degree of stress and increase the production performance of sows, at the same time, through the pig semen frozen preservation, can be a few years, decades or even a hundred years long-term preservation of outstanding individual genetic.
2, "synchronization" platform technology: the use of the technology can be experimental animal group of estrus, mating, pregnancy and childbirth adjusted to a certain period of time, at the same time, the benefits of doing so is son born at the same time, unified lactation management training. Doing so can provide batch of animals by market needs better and reduce the individual differences between animals and to develop drugs to provide high quality experimental animals.
3, animal disease model platform technology: according to various diseases choose more and clinical occurred anastomosis of the primary disease to establish animal models of various diseases and provide the occurrence and development of course of disease, pathological staging and disease treatment outcome in the preclinical data, provide first hand disease model data for drug development.
4, animal welfare based animal health management system
Animal health management is to promote the healthy animals of one part, the principle is first to animal health monitoring and reuse of certain methods of assessing animal health, to find animals for the presence of non health status, and find the influence the health of animals in breeding, nutrition, disease, ring production and exit angle. Finally, the solve production problems, remove the factors that influence the health of animals, to ensure a healthy state of the animal. In accordance with the principle of animal health management can be divided into 3 stages: health monitoring, health assessment, health promotion.
At present, has completed the artificial insemination, and at the same time oestrous technology platform related equipment purchase and debugging, and has carried on the preliminary study of miniature pigs and plan within 2 years, further improve the software and hardware aspects. Within 3 years of establishment of spontaneous hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, primary market demand of experimental animal models of tumor, and explore the market in some colleges and universities, research institutes, large pharmaceutical companies to expand sales.
(two) the maturity of project product technology
1, the existing mature technology. Over the same period of heat, artificial insemination and other breeding methods have many years of experience, become a mature technology.
2, has overcome the key technology. (1) the establishment of the sperm bank: has now completed the preparatory work for the establishment of miniature pig sperm bank, and the new experimental animal Co., Ltd. miniature pig artificial insemination technology transformation, and success. (2) transgenic pig technology: to declare people has long been engaged in the research and construction of transgenic animal platform, and successfully exploited the technique established cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes mellitus primary transgenic pig disease model, and has received approval from the drug development of enterprises.
3, the key technologies to be studied. Nonhuman primate animal disease models have yet to determine the R & D, this is mainly due to the long reproductive cycle of cynomolgus monkey, farrowing rate low characteristic decided. Once a breakthrough, the technology will bring about revolutionary changes in drug research and development.
4, experiment or production data description. Research repeatedly in the International Conference on display and winning, and two technologies were transformed with new experimental animal Co., Ltd. and Oriental Studies in experimental animals. Some of the data and published in the field of reproductive authority of professional magazines and so on.
5, product technical performance index and stability analysis. The project is a special product of the aquaculture industry, compared with the general product can not be. In providing qualified experimental animals also provide individual animal records and medical report, in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the Chinese experimental animals to strict requirements, and strive to achieve quality first.

The key technology of this project has reached the level of maturity. At present, the most important is the rapid expansion of the breeding base, a large number of breeding and industrialization.

(three) project product technical reliability
The key technology of the project have been mastered, the key indicators are to achieve and get the relevant departments certification.
The team using existing technology platform, through standard breeding technology integration and embryo engineering technology and genetically modified technology, makes the product were standard strains of animals, prevent genetic pollution, gene type and biological characteristics of the change on the various lines of animals, to ensure the animal genetic quality. Product team in 2013 by the Jiangsu Province drug safety evaluation center identification and Nanjing Yadong experimental animal research center under the Jiangsu Provincial Department of justice of verification, to achieve good results, at the same time, the small pig year productivity 72.3%, experimental animal qualified rate increased 27.4%.
(four) projects under development
1, according to the individual differences of miniature pig to establish different sperm frozen preservation system: semen cryopreservation for sample long-distance transportation, excellent sire of fully utilize provides great convenience, but low temperature also leads to impaired sperm, such as viability decreased, membrane and the top body membrane integrity loss, resulting in fertilization ability reduced. Applicants after a long term of scientific exploration and practice invented a set of animal sperm cryopreservation and sperm in liquid nitrogen preservation for 6 months. Sperm motility decreased only 7.8%, a year later only decreased by 11.2%, far higher than the ordinary preservation methods.
2, the small pig individual differences and market demand to establish a scientific artificial insemination methods: for dogs and cynomolgus monkey special reproductive physiology characteristics, to establish a suitable for their own artificial insemination method, improve the rate of dog breeding and reduce the abortion rate of cynomolgus monkey and reduce the bite phenomenon among animals.
3, according to through genetic modification in vitro into somatic cell nuclear, transferred to oocyte and implanted into a surrogate mother after the production, the formation of transgenic animal models of disease: in this key technology, mainly divided into: (1) nuclei of acquisition and oocyte preparation: this work are relatively mature, from a donor in one part of the body (breast, skin, etc.) from cell bodies and through somatic cell culture technologies on the proliferation of the cells in the body to use molecular biology methods for modification of target gene. Oocytes were collected from cultured in vitro to metaphase of the second meiosis, oocyte nuclei were removed by micromanipulation. Due to the reduction of the position of the second metaphase nuclei were close to the first polar body, using micro suction can be in conjunction with the aspiration of nucleus and the first polar body. (2) cells promote financial donor cells into nuclear oocyte by electrical stimulation to two cell fusion, the donor cells into recipient oocytes to construct the recombinant embryos, by physical or chemical methods (such as electric pulse, calcium ionophore, ethanol, a synthetic protease inhibitor) cell receptor activation, so that the complete cell division and development process. (3) implanted into a surrogate mother in vitro completed early embryo culture, the embryos into surrogate mother's body, so that it continued to develop into a new individual. (4) induced disease: the newborn transgenic animal breeding, at certain growth stages of examination of the relevant disease models and verify its incidence.
(five) project technical route description
1, estrus synchronization and artificial insemination technology route map: Animal Love period, take progesterone inhibit the development of experimental animals in vivo egg, in inhibition of appropriate time after drug withdrawal, the progesterone level in animal body suddenly dropped, so that the experimental animal volume over the same period ovulation, and testing the ovulation and insemination, in order to achieve the controllability of the experimental animal breeding cycle and animal quality.

2, transgenic disease in a pig model of technology roadmap: selected and some kind of disease occurrence and development related genes, cloning and expression sequence, in epithelial cells of gene modification, and in in vitro and removal of nucleic acid components of egg fusion, and proliferation of embryo implanted into surrogate sows, finally pregnant epigenetic with pathogenic gene of pigs.


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